The Book of Malachi | Week One

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Who, What, When, Where and Why

Read The Book of Malachi in it's entirety first.

Questions to consider after first read:

1. Where do you see the Gospel?

2.What attributes of God did you see?

3.What are key words + themes you see?

4.Who wrote it?

5.Why was it written?

6.To whom was it written?

7.Do you recognize a key verse?

We will start this study by reading through the entire book on the first day (only 4 chapters!). Each day after that, try reading through a chapter at a time. Take notes on the above 7 questions. Try not to use outside resources until you have formulated your own thoughts.

Be looking for a post mid-week as a touch point for us all to connect!

Below is the Bible Project's overview of Malachi. This could be a good follow up resource later on in your week.

Our soft launch of this new study is 6.7.20 but we will not be meeting via zoom/in person on that day. We will meet the first time on 6.14.20 either in person (contact Ellie) or via zoom. A link will be sent just prior to the meeting if you choose to join via zoom. The plan for 6.14.20 is to discuss what we learned in week one's reading, share and pray for one another. There will also be a time of clarification and questions on anything since this is new to many of us. We will also assign accountability partners on that day.

We are genuinely excited for those that have recently joined us! We look forward to growing together and experiencing authentic community with you all! We are in this together!

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