The Book of Malachi | Chapter 3

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

My Messenger v.s. "My Messenger" v.s. my messenger.

Malachi is translated from the Hebrew מַלְאָכִי (Mal'akhi) as "my messenger". The first few verses bring up another messenger meant to prepare the way as we begin to get into the answer to the question posed in Chapter 2:

"Where is the God of Justice?"


  1. Who’s doing what? Let’s pause and identify who we’re talking about and who’s doing the talking. Re-read verses 1-4 to answer the following: A). In verse 1: Who is “me” referring to? Who is “my messenger”? Who is the “he” referring to? Who is the messenger of the covenant” referring to? B). Who is the “speaker” in verse 1? Who is the “speaker” in verse 2-5?

  2. Verse one uses the term “delight” to describe the messenger of the covenant and is contrasted with the question “But who can endure the day of his coming?”. What reason did the people of God have to delight (Haggai 2:9 and/or Ezekiel 43:1-12 may be helpful)?

  3. How do verses 2:17, 3:5 and 3:6 relate to one another?

  4. What are the similarities and differences found in comparing verses 2:17 and 3:15-16?


Re-read verses 16-18. Verse 16 says those that fear the Lord “spoke with one another”. God heard what they spoke about, it says He “paid attention” and their names were put into the book of remembrance.

  1. What do you think those who feared the Lord said to one another? What was the heart behind the kind of words they spoke?

Sorry, it's late guys! Next weeks questions will be posted by Wednesday :)

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