The Book of Malachi|Chapter 1

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Those who know God as Father should honor their majestic Father


1. Malachi 1:1-5. How do you react to the very strong language of LOVE vs HATE? What is your interpretation of these two words and it’s meaning in the context of this passage?

2. We no longer offer food or animals for sacrifice to God but, we do offer up sacrifices, nonetheless. What are ways that we offer sacrifices in worship to God? How might they become defiled?

3. What does the Fatherhood of God mean to you? What characteristics does God show as our Father?

4. If we could call the worship mentioned in chapter 1 “careless worship” (Piper) then what would be the opposite of careless worship? What is the opposite kind of worship and sacrifice compared to what is seen in chapter 1?

We strive to find a common set of resources (without having to purchase anything) that we can all refer to together, for each book that we study. It has proven difficult to find any accessible resources on the book of Malachi. This week, I mainly used some commentary and also looked at a sermon series by John Piper on There are 3 sermons that cover chapter 1 of Malachi. Here are the links if you are interested:

The song that came to mind when studying chapter 1 was “Come Thou Fount”. We are all prone to become forgetful, bored and wander from God. Oh, that he would fetter (bind) our hearts to His by and with his goodness!

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