Philippians | Before We Begin

Hey y'all!

Next weekend is Easter, the plan is to begin our 5 week study in Philippians beginning next, next Saturday, April 10th at 12:30PM. This will be done with simultaneous Zoom and in-person meetings at Bay Island Apartments.

Below you'll find a quick overview of how this study works- even if you've participated in previous studies, please take the time to read through it (there is a new component being incorporated this go around).

Bible Literacy | Philippians is 4 chapters, we are asking each person to commit to reading all four chapters every week. This will supplement reading the chapter we're studying and answering questions for that week. Of course, this is not mandatory but I truly hope you will come to enjoy and be blessed by your time in God's word!

I think you'll find with each read you will notice something you didn't quite catch before. There is goodness and nourishment to be had ladies- let's feast!

Accountability | Prayerfully consider if you are willing to have and take part in accountability this study session. God loves community, being seen and known by Him and others is a part of the plan for your life homie.

This can be as simple as checking in one time a week for a phone call, Marco Polo prayers during the week or meeting for coffee/dinner mid-week. How you do it is between you and your accountability partner, committing and following through is up to you.

Verse Memory | This is new and (like everything else) completely optional. We are challenging you to memorize 5 verses during the next five weeks, 1 verse for each week of the study.

Show Up | Showing up means exactly what it sounds like. You can physically be somewhere and not be "there", we're simply asking you to show up ladies.

If you don't get a chance to read the entire book (or even the chapter) doesn't mean you shouldn't come. There is so much value to being in community with other believers, praying with and for one another, and reading and studying God's word. At the end of the day, think about our study as women just getting together to talk about Jesus.

On your marks... get set...

It's not go time yet- that makes now a great time to think about how will you begin to prepare for the Philippians study. We don't use pre-made studies, the only thing you'll need is a bible and willingness to jump in but there are a few ways you might consider enriching your own study experience:

  • I (Ellie) personally love the Illuminated Scripture Journals, they allow me to read, take notes, circle, underline and write observations as I study. I highly recommend grabbing one for yourself, if you're interested you can order your book here!

  • The church in Philippi was the first church Paul established in Eastern Europe, read Acts Chapter 16 before you begin reading Philippians next week to help set the scene for Paul's letter.

  • Watch BibleProject's video for an overview of the entire book.

  • Consider grabbing a great book and/or commentary to read after you've had time to read through each week's study. DISCLAIMER: It's incredibly important to formulate your own thoughts and insights about God and His word. When reading/listening to commentary or someone else's thoughts you could be tempted to read your bible with a preconceived viewpoint. While I would totally recommend reading commentaries, I do so with the footnote that this should only be done to supplement, not replace or precede, your own time in Philippians. God made you uniquely, how is is word moving YOU? If you decide to do this, post the title of the book you're using on the discussion page!

Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

Below you'll find the schedule for our time in Philippians, this may change (as the we found with our Judge's study) and if it does we'll use the Wix app to communicate any changes. Be sure to download it and add the member code to have access to updates and changes!

Reach out with any with any questions!


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