Judges I Chapter 6

"But Lord, how?"

I'm still thinking about how Gideon was speaking directly to the Lord and yet was still full of doubt. It's easy to say that about someone else's story. But if I'm any kind of honest, I too have asked God "but how?" How will you keep me from going back to the streets when it seems like life was more fun back there? How will you take away the temptation of wanting to do bad because it feels good? How will you satisfy my cravings for physical touch when I can't see you? How can you still love me on days when I want nothing to do with you?

What are your "but" questions; but how, but when, but God..

"I will be with you."

Gideon was out here demanding signs left and right and still couldn't see the great miracle of the Lord speaking with someone so unworthy of His presence. The Lord was patient and kind to give Gideon all the signs he asked for, like reassuring him that no excuse could come between him and what the Lord had called him to do. It's as if the Lord knew he would be full of excuses and was ready for each one!

In Gideon's case, to have kept on asking for more signs says several things about him:

  • He felt inadequate (v15)

  • He doubted heavily (v36, 39)

  • He doubted God (as if God couldn't use him because of his limitations)

Do you find yourself feeling any of these from time to time, even now?

"I am sending you!"

Don't spend time making excuses. Instead, be honest about your feelings and then do what God wants. - Life application study bible

*Chapter 7 has all the details of the Lord coming through with His power and promises.* Be sure to read up on that.

I got questions!

  1. In what areas of your character do you feel are inadequate? Why?

  2. In what areas of life do you feel doubt?

  • What causes you to doubt? Is it fear of what could be or won't be?

  • Could it be maybe you don't see God as strong as He really is?

  1. Did that last question bother you because it might be hard to say "I doubt God" out loud?

  2. Did anything in this chapter bother you? If so, why?

  3. Did you find any comfort in this chapter? How?

I'm looking forward to going deeper in this chapter with yal on Saturday!

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