Judges | Chapters 1-2

Over the next few weeks please try to read the chapters we're studying for the week and half of the entire book. This means, by the end of the study you would have read all of Judges 8 times:

1x last week + 6x between the 12 weeks + 1x additionally (cumulatively) over the 12 weeks

Why is this being asked of you?

It's important to familiarize ourselves with the book we're reading and understand how the section we're studying is relevant to the book as a whole.

Not only will this increase our overall Bible literacy, it will give us a much richer picture of the book we're studying! Try reading different versions for an added layer of depth or understanding :)

This week, read Chapters 1-2 to prepare for Saturday's study & challenge yourself to read the first half of Judges!


  1. Who did the Lord choose to "go up against the Caananites" first? Do you think this is significant, why or why not?

  2. List the tribes which failed to follow God's orders. (2A) Beside or under, detail how each tribe dealt with the unconquered people groups instead. (2B) Based on this would you describe the actions of Isreal on a whole- mostly faithful? Mostly flawed? (2C) What problems (if any) are there with this?

  3. Look up the work "culture" and write out the definition and 2 or 3 synonyms. (3A) Although it may seem harsh. why do you think God wanted Isreal to completely conquer those people groups already in the land?

  4. Re-read verses 16-23, this is an apt summary for the Book of Judges. Use you own words to rewrite these verses and be ready share on Saturday.


  1. Look back at the answer for Question 2 in Observation. (1A) What do you think primarily motivated Isreal to cease eradicating the land as commanded?(1B) What does this say about their trust/understanding of God's character?

  2. Think of areas of your life where you are enjoying "success", are you still radically relying on God and obeying Him in those areas?

  3. Revisit the definition/answer for Question 3 in Observation, Jesus prayed we would be in the world and not of it. Understanding the different components that make up culture, in what ways are you succeeding in being in and not of? In what areas are you struggling?

  4. Re-read verse 11. Before answering this remember that Jesus is your justifier and the basis of your righteousness, this question is merely meant to bring into our line of sight what may only be visible from a peripheral (or all together different) point of view. What pattern or behavior in your life today is "evil in the sight of the Lord"? What idols knowingly or unknowingly exist in your life today? Are you ready to turn away from these? Take a moment to pray about your answer.

See you ladies Saturday at 12:30PM! For those of you participating in Saturate, plan to meet at the church before 10:00AM. I'll be there at 9:00 AM with coffee and breakfast tacos in hand!


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