Judges | Chapter 7-8:28

Morning y'all! This was posted truly late; for that- I apologize.

This week rather than post questions for both study and observation, I want to focus on a major theme that dominates Gideon's story...


With time being a factor, I will simply ask you to read Judges 6-8:28 twice before coming or Zooming today (this is me pretending "Zooming" is a verb and not a totally made-up word).

On the first round, read intentionally asking yourself the following:

How does God accommodate Gideon's fear?

On the second go, read intentionally asking yourself the following:

How does God provoke Gideon's fear?

SUGGESTION: If you have time, it might be cool to print out Chapters 6-8:28 and highlight the areas God accommodates Gideon's fear in one color while highlighting how God provoked Gideon's fear in another (or you could mark your bible in two different colors).

This has been a really great set of chapters to study; I cannot wait to share what I've learned in the process.

Thank you for your grace ladies- see you at 12:30!


Special thanks to Mike Ward, ever a resource and a well of knowledge. He suggested reading Gideon's story with these two questions in mind, and it (coupled with studying) really challenged my view of Gideon's tale. I hope it does the same for you!

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