JAMES 5 | The Heart of the Matter

Updated: May 26, 2020

James continues to pull no punches.

This week I am switching things up just a bit. We will spend time looking mainly at James 5:1-6 and 16-1 8.

I've kept the study questions to a minimum:

1. Read Luke 6:24-36. How does it relate to James 5 1-6? (Amplified is always fun)

2. 5:16b (AMP) The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much when put into action and made effective by God. It is dynamic and can have tremendous power.

  • This verse seems to have a lot of qualifiers and descriptives. Break it down by writing out each qualifier and/or descriptive you see. Explain the meaning and importance of each.

  • Try reading this verse by putting the emphasis on a different word(s) each time and notice if it enhances any particular meaning for you.

  • For example: The HEARTfelt and PERSIStent prayer of a righteous man.... or... can accomplish much WHEN put into action....

Guys, I found this chart and thought it could be neat to look at:

And just because it's wonderful. Doesn't necessarily fit this weeks themes.

See you guys Sunday! It's our last week in James. We did this y'all. There is something special about this little group. I've loved growing deeper in the Word and in relationship with y'all and hope it continues after others join!

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