Isaiah | Intro + Chapters 1-2

We're doing it. We're doing it. We're doing it ladies!

This is the most ambitious study we've undertaken, in terms of length and style of writing (prophecy!!). The first session will take place over 10 weeks followed by a break in October. A new 5 week session will take place followed by a break for Advent. We'll pick up again for the third and final session (Chapters 40-66) in early January.

If all goes according to plan, we'll wrap this study up on March 26th. Plans are good, they're nice, but they don't always pan out and that's okay. This is our guideline for the study :)

Please share any resources you find helpful on [in]BETWEEN. Personally, I'm using The Bible Recap for something completely unrelated to this study but thought it might be a great supplement to your first read-through. This is a chronological bible reading plan, you can listen to Isaiah only but I'd recommend listing to Isaiah in the context of the other books relevant to that time. You can check that out here! Straight to Isaiah here.


Last Saturday we discussed the timeline for the study, you can find a schedule by date/chapter at the bottom of this post.

Please read the chapters we're studying before we meet on Saturday. We're going to be hopping right into discussion/study with the assumption that you have already read + studied the material.

Look girl, things happen- I totally get that, if it wasn't possible to read beforehand please don't let that stop you from coming!

Context is Everything

In addition to reading the chapters we're studying, we are challenging every member to read through the entire book of Isaiah twice before we take a break in October.

Seems like a lot- but it's only 2-3 chapters a day (13.5 chapters a week for those type-A's) but it shouldn't feel like a chore or checklist type of thing, if ever it does- press pause, share with your group and pick it up again when you're ready.

We feel reading through Isaiah multiple times from start to finish will enrich your study for several reasons:

  • This is a long study guys, reading through the entire book repeatedly will help us place the chapters we're currently studying.

  • It will enhance your bible literacy, the more we read something the more we retain it.

  • As we study, context from our Saturdays together will only enhance the experience!

If you choose to lean into this with us, by the end of the study (March 2022) you will have ready Isaiah 6 times!

Ladies Choice

Like the last study, each facilitator has the option of choosing a verse to be memorized by the group from the chapters she has covered. If a facilitator doesn't choose one you can pick your own from that week's selection to learn on your own.

This is totally optional fam. Over the last 4 years of my walk this has been a weakness of mine but I loved incorporating this into our last study!

There will be approx. 10 memory verses over the next 10 weeks, that's a whole lotta truth to lock up in our hearts- I hope you'll consider joining me.


We have 4 facilitators this study- woohoo! Thank you for choosing to serve one another and for taking this leap with me ladies!

If you plan to post study questions before Saturday, please try to post by Thursday so folks have time to consider/answer on their own time. Same for any videos/podcasts that would supplement that week's study.

If you prefer more of a discussion approach, do your thang- we'll show up on Saturday ready and eager to jump in with you!

Lastly... Chapters 1-2

This is a long one, I know. Thanks for sticking in there with me.

No questions for Chapters 1-2, please read the chapters and be ready for discussion on Saturday.

If you wanna get a jump on verse memory I've chosen 1:18 (partial). We won't review this verse together until August 14th.

See y'all soon!



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