Colossians | Week One

Ready to jump in again?

Before we get to work, we're asking you to read Colossians in its entirety this week - you can do it girl, there are only 4 chapters! You can totally try reading it in different translations to give you some insight and depth but... let's all try to stay away from any commentaries or summaries (this week only, pinky promise).

Take this time to make observations and form your own thoughts about Colossians.

Questions to consider after the first read:

  1. Where do you see the Gospel? (Creation/Fall/Redemption/Restoration)

  2. What attributes of God did you see?

  3. What are key/repeated words + themes you see?

  4. Who wrote it?

  5. Why was it written?

  6. To whom was it written?

  7. Do you recognize a key verse?

  8. How would you summarize this book in 1-2 sentences?

  9. Do any worship songs come to mind as you read?

First Meeting

Our meeting time is still up in the air but we plan to finalize on Wednesday of this week - if you haven't had a chance to vote on the new times/date please do so here! Options are:

  • Saturdays at 10:00 AM (07/01/20 1st Meeting)

  • Mondays at 7:00 PM (07/03/20 1st Meeting)

  • Thursdays at 7:00 PM (07/06/20 1st Meeting)

A link will be sent just prior to the meeting if you choose to join via zoom. Those wanting to join in person can contact Ellie for any questions. We will assign accountability partners shortly after our first meeting!

After this week we'll study Colossians chapter by chapter and ask you to read the entire book once weekly along with whichever chapter we're studying that week. Our schedule will look a little something like this:

Week One | Colossians Observations

  • Read Colossians 1-4

Week Two | Chapter One

  • Read Chapter One

  • Read Colossians 1-4

Week Three | Chapter Two

  • Read Chapter Two

  • Read Colossians 1-4

Week Four | Chapter Three

  • Read Chapter Three

  • Read Colossians 1-4

Week Five | Chapter Four

  • Read Chapter Four

  • Read Colossians 1-4

Please reach out to Brandi or me for any questions! You can reach us via text, email or on the group's page.

Peace out,

B + E

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