Colossians | Chapter 2

Jesus, You're my portion

Jesus, You're more than enough for me

Jesus You are all I need.

That's seems a little self focused. It's not all about what Jesus is for you or me. But it is a little bit about that. It starts there. Colossians 2 is all about lifting our gaze to Christ and letting him become our focus; centering our lives on Him. That is true life in Christ. Nothing to add, nothing more, just Jesus. Christ is the beginning point and the end goal. Anything else is hollow and self-serving.

Study Questions:

This week is simple. Just some reflections...·

  • What does the fullness of Christ mean to you? And what does it mean to you to be filled?

  • 2:9-10

  • How big is Christ to you? Think about it. We know the right answer. Does our life reflect that Christ is big or small?

  • A small view of Christ affects our proneness to be lead astray.

  • Do you have or have you had signs of outward or self-made religion in your life? What are/were they?

  • 2:20-23

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